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*whispers* Dwalin seeing Thorin wearing the crown

Dwalin’s heart soaring because this is what they wanted, what they have been waiting for for 180 years

Dwalin’s heart aching because he can see the madness in Thorin’s eyes

Dwalin following his king into battle and picking up the bloodied crown in the end, lying forlorn on the ground and just whispering ‘my king’.

Stop, please! I can’t bear it. Poor Dwalin.


So like the rest of the Hobbit Fandom, I am a mess of tears and emotion right now. 

So I literally burst into tears as soon as I heard Pippin’s song in the trailer. And then I got this heart breaking thought in my head:

What if the song that Pippin sang to Denethor is the song that Bilbo wrote after the death of Thorin! Like he just saw Thorin give his last breath and he’s seen all the dead on the battle field…omg…I just made myself cry so bad!

In The Return Of The King when Denethor asks Pippin to sing him a song, Pippin replies by saying: “But we have no songs for great halls…and evil times”. So what if he learned that song from Bilbo? Frodo perhaps?

The first lyrics in that song are almost identical to what Gandalf told him the begining: “Home is behind, the world ahead.”

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